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Stuck on an older version of Microsoft’s IE? There’s a mode for that – Millions of Internet Explorer users must update, or lose patches The software giant will in most cases no longer support the aging browser, despite the fact millions are still running it. Read More.

If you’re running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7, and you haven’t yet installed the latest patches, drop everything and get patched now. For everybody else, it’s Patch Tuesday week; you’d be well.

It has in one form or another since at least Windows Vista, said Woody Leonard.

who has a laptop that reboots every night is actually trying to install the same stuck update over and over again.".

is stuck checking, or the Windows Update or Microsoft Update page that you open comes out blank. This was a common problem in Windows Vista and earlier, but fewer people see this issue in Windows 10/8.

It’s unlikely Windows Vista will get the same treatment. Microsoft is planning to quietly end support for Vista in just one month. After April 11th, 2017, Vista will receive no more updates.

Unlike its predecessor, Vista, which was awash with features and pop-ups, Windows 7 prioritized a clean user experience and.

Boot from the Vista disk and use System restore to just before it tried to update. Once you get it running go to Dell’s site and download/install the latest drivers for your Inspiron. Windows Update.

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have managed to effectively kill Windows Vista. Users are reporting that, following the introduction of the February 12 updates, Vista gets stuck at the finalization of the deployment of the updates.