My Settings On My Phone

To save battery on an Android, you can change your display and app settings without having much of noticeable impact on your.

Spybot Won T Update I can’t install any Windows XP upgrades, including Service Pack 3, after the following sequence of events: 1. I used SpyBot to check for spyware. It found 8 objects and removed them. 2. The next time. Massive Windows 10 Update Has Three Significant Problems – Posters have a long list, including CPU-Z, speccy, 8gadgetpack, a

How to set up severe weather alerts on your iPhone or Android before Friday’s storm – Both Android and iPhone can send you severe weather alerts. On iPhone – click on Settings, then Notifications, then scroll to.

Some of these commands and settings will need to be set up before you can use them — for example.

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To export your iPhone contacts to an Excel spreadsheet, you should first sync your contacts with iCloud. Here’s what you need.

You can increase the bass on your iPhone audio in two main ways — through the Equalizer feature, and with bass-boosting.

You can use bold text on your iPhone in text messages by creating a subject line after enabling the feature in Settings. Here.

Yet all the popular location-sharing tools are limited or flawed, and in some cases broadcasting your location may not be.

If you want to try out the new gestures, just search for "navigation" or "gestures" in the Settings app. Other navigation.