Android Phone Acting Weird

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If they contain a Snapdragon 820 processing chip made by Qualcomm, they’ll have a built-in capacity to track your apps and tell you when they’re acting strange. The company.

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So you got your Android phone wet and now it’s not working normally.

I recently had my phone in a pool to take a few pictures but once my phone dried it started acting weird. The recent.

Every now and then Android apps get updates from the Play Store. Most are 3rd party apps that are updated by their own developers, but there are quite a few Google apps in there too. None more humble.

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The Android based handset has a wraparound screen similar to a book’s dust cover with the front cover acting like a phone, which will fold out flat.

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15 Common Galaxy Note 9 Problems & How to Fix Them – Whether that’s the camera freezing, weird noises or sounds while zooming in.

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When my cell phone started acting strange last week, I decided it was a good time to.

don’t do it!" Phones with the Android operating system don’t thrill me. Besides the growing proliferation of.

A trial version of the app is already available on Android.

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Some #GalaxyS8 owners have started contacted us about issues in their new phone. Some of these issues are power.

My Galaxy S8 is suddenly acting weird. This morning it suddenly started “installing.

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