Remove Office 2010 Activation Popup

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However, you can use options from within the registered version Microsoft Word to remove the trial version of Office. Activate.

Alan. "How to Remove a 30-Day Trial of Office 2010.".

Microsoft Office products have a longer Life Cycle compared to Windows OS. Office 2010 will get support till 13-10-2020.

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Click the "Fix It" button to download the uninstall program. 3. Click "Run" from the pop-up.

Office is then automatically uninstalled. Taylor, C. "How to Fully Uninstall Microsoft Office.".

The same goes for other Office apps too. They all have x at the end. You will need an official CD and product key to install.

An e-mail with the subject “See Office 2010 Beta in action” uses an alleged.

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A window will pop up that has two.

It should activate the vertical margins scale. 3. Enjoy your Office. Sry for my bad eng. Thanks for your advice Pole. I was trying to restore the margins (white.