My Cursor Is Frozen

Instead of a nice helpful cursor, I was treated to the Spinning Beach Ball of Death, my files and applications frustratingly out of reach behind the frozen screen of my laptop. Last week.

I switch windows with mouse or keyboard, select text (with a mouse, probably), then switch back, place my cursor and paste.

I frequently found myself frozen, confused by all the on-screen.

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So I was excited to get my hands on Without Escape, a horror-themed ode to ’90s point-and-click adventure from Bumpy Trail.

Question: I am worried my desktop has Alzheimers.

I can check status with SE, and sometime it is not running and system is frozen with the get the little windows ring around the rosie display.

When you look on J.K. Rowling’s YouTube announcement page, you’ll notice there are many numbers that seem to be frozen in time. One of my blog’s commentators.

if you move your cursor around.

At my store, it’s usually lumped in with all the sad frozen lasagnas and what not.

Mostly, I backspace or I move the cursor to the offending word and fix it before going back to the end of the doc.

No, really. I’m stuck. I’ve been sitting here for two hours staring at a blank cursor. My heart rate is through the roof, my hands are sweaty and still, I’m frozen. When I was younger and imagined.

Fix: Cursor freezes, jumps or disappears in WindowsLaughing all the way to imminent destruction – Last month I wrote my first script for a television show. I had a week to complete it, and I spent the first two days staring at a blank screen, frozen in terror.

and while i am texting [i happen to be a fast texter] the cursor starts moving around everywhere.

But 2 months later i was sitting in my room with my phone on the charger and i looked over.