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Click “Delete” in the box that pops up. If you’re a big Reddit user, you’re wading into a spoiler minefield (depending on how good your subreddits’ moderators are). You don’t have to.

He was a big fan of using the Reddit Enhancement Suite, which allows you to submit votes with a single keystroke. He combined this browser extension with a Teensy development board, and had his.

It could be much, much easier to browse HN if we could hide subtrees of comments the same as works on reddit. It’s a huge usability problem. It’s dead simple to program.

[Will] likes Reddit so much he built this dedicated controller that lets him play the social website like a video game. He calls it he Karma Controller. In this case, ‘Karma’ refers to ability.

there isn’t the mass of extensions for Edge that there are for Chrome and Firefox (141 at the time of writing). However, a number of the best-known extensions have been showing up, like.

‘Project Spartan’ no more: Microsoft’s new browser is called Edge – Microsoft says developers will be able to port their extensions from Chrome with a few minor modifications, and showed off examples such as Reddit Enhancement Suite. Why this matters: Microsoft’s.

MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search Launched – The MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search.

a Firefox fan like me, stay away from it. 2. MSN added a preview pane similar to the one in Microsoft Outlook. This is a useful enhancement.

Reddit introduced the world to its new design.

will be rolling out the redesign (in its alpha form) to more users over the next several weeks, while still giving those who want to, the option.

This adds a multi-line JavaScript console to chrome dev tools, similar to what appears in Firefox’s dev tools.

This adds a ton of features to Reddit, including the ability to make the.