How To Make Avast Stop Blocking A Website

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Your smart home device could be a threat to our elections – They could also restrict public access to government websites with information about how and where to vote, as well as news.

Avast, a security solution designed to protect your business data and computers from most types of cyberattacks, uses a set of modules to scan various parts of your system. One module, Web Shield.

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If you’re the hands-off type, you could stop there.

and Avast performed very well for us. Sample files were detected, downloads were scanned, zipped-up threats were blocked when we extracted.

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Toggle the switch beside "Blocked," and make sure its white circle is on the left. Next to it should read "Blocked (recommended)." 5. If you want, you.

Websites can use that data to "fingerprint.

but they’re not what you might think. Blocking tracking cookies, blocking ads,