Computer Freeze After Startup

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After I turn my computer on and go into windows it lets.

it just switches through blank windows and then completely freezes. This keeps happening each time I restart, When i press F8 during startup.

If the internal memory space is still big and yet your device keeps on freezing or lagging, then you can go ahead and start troubleshooting.

to test your device after deleting each suspected.

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Start your MacBook in Safe Mode by holding.

as the hard drive will typically be unaffected. Wright, James. "MacBook Freezes After Login." Small Business –, http.

The computer may start to boot but then shuts down. Increased Windows errors or "blue screens of death" are symptoms of failing motherboards. The computer may freeze.

to Know If a Motherboard.

Windows 10 users, you’ve had a rotten couple of months, but now is no time to relax because Microsoft updates have struck.


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Computer Freezes after a few minutes, frozen and control alt delete not working, 5 Easy WayComputer freezes after startup – Were you able to run any of the checks, or did the system start freezing before you could even do that? See if the system will run if you boot Windows in Safe Mode. (you get to the safe mode boot.