Portable Notepad++

Is there like a portable copy of the compiler that I can use.

Afraid I never tried to run Scite from a flash drive. Have you tried Notepad++? When I was at uni I ran that from my flash cos the text.

Don’t forget the portables, just in case you need to write codes while in-flight. I use either nginx or xampp portable for the server. Eclipse and notepad++ as editor. All of them fit in one little.

I use apps on OS X because they’re friendly, powerful, and work well beyond my expectations, but everywhere else I’ll be buried with pinned tabs in Chrome and pleasurable web apps that do everything.

Notepad++ Portable InstallationEmbed With Elliot: There Is No Arduino “Language” – There is no “Arduino language” and your “.ino” files are three lines away from being standard C++. And this obfuscation hurts you as an Arduino user and artificially blocks your progress.

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