Why Won’t Word Open

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Feb 02, 2014  · For a few cause inside the past 2 days word 2010 on my home windows pc wont open. It just does nothing when i click on: The phrase shortcut on my computing device Word from the start menu Word documents in my paintings folder I click it, it suggests the small blue loading icon, and i count on it to open approximately a second to two later but not anything happens. Does each person realize why?

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What’s taking place? The US Commerce Department has issued an order banning Americans from downloading Chinese-owned apps TikTok.

The U.S. Open, specifically at Winged Foot, isn’t always alleged to be smooth. It not presupposed to be tough. It speculated to be.

After an automated HP update, my Microsoft Word and Excel programs wont paintings and my files wont open. What precipitated this and what can I do to restoration the problem with out dropping my files? I even have documents that are a part of my paintings and I HAVE to have them ASAP. Please assist. Thanks earlier.

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Im having the same problem I actually have word 2016, it been working first-class for as long as I can do not forget have lately been writing an essay and now this system wont open in any respect and my essay is due the next day! Ive performed the ctrl aspect and it nonetheless no longer commencing even after Ive clicked sure . Perform an internet restore of Office.

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After an automatic HP update, my Microsoft Word and Excel programs wont work and my documents wont open. What brought about this and what can I do to repair the hassle without losing my documents? I have documents which might be part of my paintings and I HAVE to have them ASAP. Please help. Thanks earlier.